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We do marketing differently, in-house.

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We are confident when we say we do marketing differently. We believe in the power of digital, we embrace it and we’ve built an in-house marketing powerhouse that is dedicated to your property campaign, with one goal in mind, to drive the right audience to your home.

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Social media advantage

If you haven’t yet embraced social, then we are pretty sure your partner, daughter, best mate or even your pet dog has embraced the power of social media. We leverage our social platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube and more to push your campaign across to the right audience, we do this all in-house with our specialised digital marketing team. We create a buzz around a property by creating cutting edge paid ad campaigns and executing a planned social content strategy focused around your property campaign. Why should you care? Well most real estate agencies don’t have the resources to do this in-house and will charge the vendor to do this. We offer this as part of our exclusive concierge marketing service.

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Marketing in-house

Why does in-house marketing matter? To keep it simple, we have an in-house creative digital team dedicated to tailoring a unique campaign for your home. How does this benefit you? One of the many benefits that comes with being a client of ours is that your property campaign will have a team that covers the design, creative sponsored ads, unique targeted ads, social media campaign etc at no cost to you. This is part of our service and what sets us apart from your regular agency. What does this mean for you? Well as a vendor, marketing/advertising your home is a must & this comes at a cost. The majority of agencies deal with third party companies & are limited in how they market your home. At Urban Lane, not only will you pay less to get your home on the market , you will also get 5x the amount of exposure as any other agency can offer you. We back ourselves & our clients by putting our dollars where it matters. We invest our own resources and money into your property campaign enabling you to save money while still maximising the value of your home.



We ensure each property comes with a video, of course this must be agreed by the vendor. Australia is obsessed with real estate, when you combine that with videography and social media it becomes a powerful story. As we consume content across all social platforms, video becomes the best tool to delivery the right message at the right time. See the stats for yourself. Videos attract 300% more traffic for nurturing leads. Real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than their videoless counterparts… 86% of homebuyers use video to research a particular community. 70% of homebuyers watch video house tours.

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Print is not dead

Print has been around forever, especially when it comes to real estate marketing. We are big believers in running a holistic campaign which is unified both online and offline. Our print materials used for your property campaign involves flyers, signboards, brochures and much more.


With urban lane, your campaign success is truly our success.