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About urban lane.

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noun: home; plural noun: homes

1. the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

At urban lane, home means much more than a place where one lives. Home is where families are created, where we learn to be independent as Individuals. Home is where we create memories with loved ones, where we feel safe and where we belong. Home is the place we go to at the end of each day to give us a purpose, where we see the value in working hard. Home is our sacred space, whether it’s alone, with a partner or with family – it’s our humble abode that breathes energy to us on a bad day. Home is the last thing we feel before we sleep at night and first thing we feel when we wake up in the morning. Home can have many different meanings for many different people, but what we do know is home is where the heart is, It’s our one true happy place.

So follow us on an adventure, let us guide you on your journey with urban lane and find your way home.

Our people

Meet our team

By combining our in-house marketing expertise with our dedicated full service real estate approach allows us to do things differently.

We’re doing things differently…urban lane combines technology, innovative software, and expert customer service to make buying, selling or renting a home a unique experience.

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Trusted Talent

Partner with an agency that is driven by it’s founders. Chris Akkawi, head of sales and director of Urban Lane, has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results across the board. Chris has built an experienced high-performing team around him with world-class industry knowledge and a stellar reputation which leads to achieving premium results for his clients in any given market.

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Independent and agile.

At urban lane we focus entirely on our clients, providing a unique approach as an independent agency which allows us to offer flexibility when selling your home, we can change strategy fast, we can make smart and fast decisions directly with our clients ensuring a successful campaign.

We believe in the importance of listening to our clients. We provide astute and insightful advice and establish clear goals around what you want to achieve before putting your home on the market.